Through the Prism of Blessings

Arks 3A - U Texas Ark exterior

Through the Prism of Blessings, installed at Univ. of Texas Hillel, Austin, TX, one of 3 arks inspired by the blessings of the Amidah prayer, 9’H x 5’W. In an allusion to the ingathering of Jews that we pray for in the 10th Amidah blessing, Jews from many different individual backgrounds and traditions come together at Hillel, then branch out, spreading enlightenment from the swirling experience of their college years.

Arks 3B- U Texas Ark interior

When the ark is being used for services, the words of the 16th Amidah blessing are contained in the illuminated inscription, which also serves as the Ner Tamid (Eternal Light): Blessed are you God, who hears prayer. The shofars are a metaphor for our plaintive voices joined in communal prayer. They also reflect the theme of the exterior of the ark, since in the 10th Amidah blessing the great ingathering of our people is announced by the call of shofars.